Hailing  from Udupi , Karnataka, Rev. Fr. Sunil Menezes  SVD  Principal  of St. Arnold’s Central School, Mysuru, comes across, as a very young, intelligent, dedicated, dynamic approachable and charismatic leader.

Courteous, eloquent, creative and enthusiastic, he inspires students and teachers alike, to take giant leaps forward with the delightful enthusiasm of youth and to scale every peak and widen every horizon. He leaves no stone unturned to instill values, attitudes, principles and ethics of good living. His compassionate, resourceful, and friendly approach has endeared him to the students and teachers alike.

He has a good number of years of experience in administration and management of schools. He has a vast experience with the youth as well, in both Mumbai and Pune. He has held responsible posts in various fields in the Society of the Divine Word

To quote  Rev. Fr. Sunil  Menezes SVD  “My Motto in life is to share happiness and create smiles among the students, which  will enable them to grow holistically in a creative - learning  environmemt. Further I aim at fostering  human and environmental values and academic excellence in a dynamic  spirit for a sound character to mould the future with love ”.

 His Educational Qualifications are

  • MA in History from  IGNO University , New Delhi .
  • Bachelor of Commerce from St. Philomina’s College , Mysuru.
  • Bachelor of Education from Mumbai University.
  • Bachelor in Philosophy  Vidya Bhavan  , Bhopal
  • Bachelor in  Theology  from  Jnana Deep  Vidya  Peeth , Pune.
  • Various short term courses in different fields of Education, Psychology and youth training.