Rules of the School

Pupils should

  1. Be in the school campus at the time prescribed and attend the assembly without fail.
  2. Commit to memory the school song and National Anthem and sing them effectively whenever they are asked to.
  3. Obtain permission from the Principal/Class Teacher to enter the classroom when late to the school.
  4. Not leave classroom/school premises during working hours of the school without prior permission of their Class Teacher/Principal.
  5. Develop in them good habits relating to personal cleanliness and general hygiene.
  6. Keep their classrooms and school rooms and school premises always clean and attractive.
  7. Observe order and silence at all times and during working hours of the school, especially during the absence of teachers in the classroom or while walking in the corridors.
  8. Avoid bringing valuable articles or money to the school. Mobile phones and Two Wheelers are strictly prohibited.
  9. Not cause any kind of damage to the school building or school equipments. Any failure in this regard will incur restitution/repair.
  10. Be kind to the plants in the compound. Should notdestroy or disfigure them.
  11. Bring with them Textbooks, Workbooks, Diary, Instrument box, Painting box, Coloured pencils, etc., in accordance with the requirements of the day.
  12. Maintain their textbooks, Notebooks, etc., in a tidy and presentable manner throughout the year.
  13. Participate in all the co-curricular activities organized in the school from time to time during the year effectively so that they may, in turn, participate in the inter-school competitions organized by other school, agencies, during the year.
  14. Wear their full uniforms on all working days and on special occasions. Take care to keep them clean and tidy.
  15. Not to indulge themselves in any act of misbehaviour or disobedience or disrespect to teachers both during and after the working hours of the school.
  16. Produce medical certificate from doctor, not less than the rank of a Registered Medical Practitioner when they are sick for more than three consecutive days.
  17. Not buy eatables from vendors/shops around the school.
  18. Get letter from the parent for non-attendance on a day, for permission to leave school before time or not being in full uniform.
  19. Not bring toffees/chocolates or any other eatables to the school to distribute to the fellow students and teachers on their birthdays.